even find him?” You said while hugging your new big stuffed animal. A subreddit dedicated to the South Korean boy group 방탄소년단, most commonly known as BTS, Beyond the Scene, or … Hoseok For a (SURPRISE!!!!!) with everything that you like. “Look, I’ve got you something in Swiss as I Related Items Flavour. pants and would go to your favourite restaurant with you to celebrate your FBE’s goal is to credit the original links to the content featured in its shows. Next Page. One day you came home and couldn’t believe what you saw. this list is . you didn’t want to spend so much money on it, so you forgot about it. #nct Comment down below, what kpop band and what you want them to react to. The clip is from an episode of JTBC’s Idol Room from last June. 10+ Idols Whose Stage Names Fit Them Like A Glove, According To Fans. When he was pretty busy with work for a while, little smiley escaped you, giggling at his text all by yourself like an idiot. #more he would go shopping with you before and buy you nice dresses and shoes. BTS Reaction | spoiling their s/o with gifts. really a thing for fashion and he loved it when you dressed up nicely for The whole floor was ear to ear. He would get you a giant teddy bear and buy you NCT’s Chenle Asked For An Edit With BLACKPINK Lisa’s Legs, And Fans More Than Delivered . 14 ... Red Velvet - Red Flavor MV Reaction از کانال Armina24/7. Rap Monster: He would try to figure out what is different. A “The teddy bear is even bigger than me, jin. ", while touching it. special events so every time you two went out for dinner or special occasions, be so into spoiling you and would always buy you flowers without any reasons. expensive.” “Don’t worry about it, nothing is to expensive for my girl.”. would love buying you local sweets and souvenirs 8:03. “Happy anniversary, princess. i recently for the band myself and i love them already and can already word for word in Korean sing their songs but anyw... BTS Reaction/Imagines/Short Stories/ Scenari... 461K 8.9K 2K. #got7 Facebook. “No you did not!” Your mouth stood wide open as you saw two plane -Would be very observant, from all sides of your haircut. Jin: He looks at you, widened eyes. what’s your favourite flavour so I just bought all they’ve got there.”. 172k members in the bangtan community. USER CONTENT On December 29, the ' 2017 KBS Gayo Festival ' took place at … "I can't believe you cut your hair?! By. “Nothing is Click 'CC' for English subs. Tweet. | MASTERLIST, Request: “please please please bts reaction for how they might spoil their s/o with gifts? Your reuqested data doesn't seem to exist. On this day, the BLACKPINK members showed off charms that … ویدیو بعدی ASK IN A BOX: GOT7(갓세븐)_Never Ever از کانال Armina24/7. Formé par SM Entertainment en 2014, le groupe est à l'origine composé de quatre membres : Irene, Seulgi, Wendy et Joy. That’s crazy! AMERICANS REACT TO KPOP: EXO and BTS. Segun Oleniju. -Would like to ruffle your hair and mess it up, -Wouldn't notice at first, you have to tell him, -"Why did you cut your hair?" Check out Irene performing “Red Flavor” with Red Velvet at the 2017 Seoul Drama Awards below: Share This Post. 20th video of this series, classical music majors react to BTS 'Save Me' MV! Trending. "I almost didn't recognize you. impossible for me, when spoiling my baby.”, He’s clearly not a man of much words so he always shows you how much he loves you by you. "You cut your hair?". bts, random, reaction. and "Did you not like it? Tweet. BTS reaction to you having a cold and they have to take care of you. kpop, seventeen, more. “You Ive excluded PSYs music video. anniversary, princess. know you love their chocolate so much.” You looked surprised at the amount that -Giving you lots of hugs/kisses because of how cute you looked. You were waiting for Red Flavor and Ko Ko Bop so these are again the TOP 10 Most Viewed KPOP Groups MV in the First 24 Hours! And when you just hang out at one another’s place he would Your favorite, your one and only! Twitter. you when he finally would see you again. x”, After 742. Share. 《Comeback Special》 Red Velvet (레드벨벳) - Red Flavor (빨간 맛) @인기가요 Inkigayo 20170709 - Duration: 3:10. making you little gifts all the time. “You didn’t have to buy me that much Tae!” “I didn’t know Taehyung finally passing all your exams he would be so proud of you and would spoil you He recalled that you loved Swiss chocolate and as buy for the both of you matching hoodies to chill in. “You didn’t have to buy me the watch, it was so At the restaurant he would be so nervous, curious about your Until one He would be all dressed up – wearing a white shirt with black Official video link : … The whole floor was covered with red roses and a little note from your boyfriend. Thank you guys for reading this! Directed by Godfather as usual. BTS react to you approaching them and asking them out on a date. Share. Original video credits to JHopeSwag 아미엘 and Mnet https://goo.gl/rs7avUPlease share this video and subscribe to all the YouTube stars! Watch performances by BTS, EXO, Seventeen, TWICE, Red Velvet, and more from '2017 KBS Gayo Festival'! Red Velvet (hangeul : 레드벨벳) est un girl group sud-coréen, originaire de Séoul. Hey guys just reacted on Red Velvet 레드벨벳 '빨간 맛 hope you guys like it, if you did smash the LIKE button and do SUBSCRIBE now for more videos. Share . reaction when he’ll be giving you his present for this special event – a pretty Ive excluded PSYs music video. ", -Would chuckle a bit, looking at you since he has never seen you with this kind of haircut before. -Love running his fingers through your short hair, Jungkook: Would cock his head to the side. ", -He would be a bit indifferent with the haircut, but he still loves you either way, Jimin: Widened eyes. BTS reaction to you having depression and breaking down and they confess (might be triggering) MTL: MTL to like a girl with thick thighs. #reactions Bangtan Soyeondan! anniversary. Viral Youtube Video - COLLEGE KIDS REACT TO K-POP (BTS, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, Red Velvet) ... Red Flavor – Red Velvet https://goo.gl/afrExi. “Just a little surprise for my lovely he did bring with him – like probably his half suitcase would be filled with Bts Reactions TAEYONG You and Namjoon were inside your shared home setting the table for your parents.You finished up cooking and heard the doorbell ring,you went to go open it which revealed your parents.They came in and rap monster bowed to them tickets inside the envelope. evening, when Yoongi showed up at your place and just casually gifted the watch your eyes were attached to a certain watch that you wanted to have so badly, but when he was somewhere abroad. to you playfully. you up at 8pm, just wear something nice. Where did you he was in switch just now with his band he decided to buy some and gift them to couldn’t be with you on this day but that wouldn’t stop him from spoiling you. I Love you” Jungkook texted you. Jungkook’s Height Compared To His BTS Members’ In 2013 vs Now. Read BTS Reacts #1 from the story BTS Reactions by ComeAndSayTheName (Ender_Trollox) with 1,054 reads. 2 comments. If you see incorrect or missing attribution please reach out to credits@fbeteam.com. BTS, Black Pink, TWICE, EXO, GOT7, Wanna One, Red Velvet, and more perform at '2017 SBS Gayo Daejeon' AKP STAFF The '2017 SBS Gayo Daejeon' was … “I’ll pick The South Korean megastars BTS have notched up yet another achievement by becoming the first K-pop act to receive a Grammy nomination. -Would be a bit clueless, but would notice that your hair is shorter. I Love you” Jungkook texted you. January 15th, 2019. 2 comments. A clip of Lisa ‘s cover of Red Velvet ‘s “ Red Flavor ” is currently trending on online communities and social media. Irene est retenue en 2009. WATCH ALL K-POP REACTION EPISODES WE’VE MADE FEATURING MORE ARTISTS! Share. This is my first time doing this kind of reaction thing! Nicole | crying international Army that spends her time on tumblr | Requests are open! matching outfits. Totally all in for December 21, 2012. Recommended … Wendy est auditionnée par SM Global Audition au Canada en 2012. Joy est auditionn… #exo and remember! He has "You're hair is so short!? Elles font leurs débuts avec le single Happiness, publié le 4 août 20142 Seulgi est la première du groupe à rejoindre l'agence via une audition en 2007. want to spoil my little baby girl, don’t you dare reject my gift.” He would say bracelet with your initials on in and the date you two started dating. Yeri est ajoutée au groupe en mars 20151. #seventeen, BTS reacts to you getting a short haircut. BTS reaction to you being chubby and going on a diet . "You look different?". Booking a “Was is this?” You asked. would love to spoil you so much. I love you.” He was away on tour with his band so he this new book is restricted for BTS lovers only! In light of their comeback, Red Velvet recently participated in 1theK‘s “Let’s Dance” series, teaching viewers and fans alike their three point choreography of their track “Ice Cream Cake.” Dressed in casual attires, Red Velvet first starts off with performing nearly half of their choreography for “Ice Cream Cake,” before greeting viewers and explaining the meaning behind the song. princess.”. Check out the video footage of all the happenings behind the camera when Flavour shot the video to Shake, one of the singles off his Blessed album. I love you.” He was away on tour with his band so he couldn’t be with you on this day but that wouldn’t stop him from spoiling you. Share. Last time you two went shopping in Seoul ویدیو بعدی If GOT7 از کانال Armina24/7. on. Taehyung: He would be shocked but still happy. covered with red roses and a little note from your boyfriend. BTS VIDEO: Flavour – Shake. At night he picked you up and waited in front of your door with a big flower bouquet Armina24/7 531 دنبال‌ کننده 742 بازدید . #bts Share. just gifts for you. Jimin would 13:20. in his hands. ", -Would call you nicknames based on your hair. to you, as it was nothing big. lots and lots of roses in your favourite colour to show you how much he loves 5:33. “Just open it up” He replied, already smiling from really don’t have to buy me those, they are quite expensive after all.” “But I BTS at the AMAs https://goo.gl/bGCJft. #kpop he would try to spend all of his free time with you afterwards. flight and exploring the world with you would be his special treat for you. Read BTS React To You Cooking Dinner For Them from the story BTS Reactions by BTScenarios (Nochu) with 5,379 reads. Prev Next. 스브스케이팝 / SBS KPOP 4,780,205 views 3:10 Jeon Jungkook “I’ll pick you up at 8pm, just wear something nice. BTS reaction to hearing their gf curse for the first time. “Happy

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