At my local plant store, I found an eco liner that fit perfectly in the bowl. After writing my last blog post IKEA Hacks For Happy Plants, I headed to my local IKEA on a mission.I really wanted to find something I could use to hang some plants in front of my window. Rotera candle lantern. Planters can help define the places outside your home. Article by My Wee Abode. While the brass paint stood up to the washi tape I used to hold the rope in place, one of the many other paints I tried did not. Oh, shit! You can turn ordinary ceramic or terra cotta planters into beautiful creations by … (There is a slight gap between the door and the pot, so make that line a thick one.) Colors are limited BUT you can paint any color you like over the initial coat and it looks … hammered. Measure to find the middle of the cabinet door. Assembly was a bit more challenging than most ikea pieces, mostly because some of the fluted dowel pieces didn't really fit in the holes. Because right now I’m up to six.) A great way to improve the look of your Ikea planters is to … With a bit of imagination and perhaps a quick tour around Ikea I’m sure you could come up with many more ways of creating Ikea plant hacks yourself. They have used an Ikea CHIAFRON plant pot and added some copper paint and white dots and stripes to give it a bit more impact. These gorgeous mid-century style planters from Sugar and Cloth are made up of tapered legs, wooden coasters and Ikea plant pots. The Ikea PS Plant stand is pretty cool by itself. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. P.S. It just took me two days of fucking around with other materials before I remembered that said bowl was from IKEA — and it cost only $5. Small size … Cut IKEA Frosta Stool in two, make a hole in the center to fit your pot and attach the legs to the semi-circle to work as shelf brackets. One recommendation, though: Do the macrame before you paint the bowl. I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a craft tutorial. Show your houseplants some love with these DIY IKEA hacks. Looks like something from the 70’s. To complete this project, you will need: . This hack from Hunker involves building a box to match the trestle legs for the planter. Or not. Lanterns make great planters and there are so many great ones at Ikea that you could use. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. bittergurka hack - Google Search. In case you haven’t yet noticed, I’m really into easy crafts. Make sure to drill the hole near … Mark where the top and bottom of the pot are and use a level to make a straight line. So, I turned the planter up … Whether you have this indoors or outdoors, this is a fantastic way to create a vertical garden on a budget. After all that, I knew I needed a better paint color. Translate the instructions found on vtwonen. You may have the lining of your home looking perfect, however there may be a little little lacking in the look outside the house. 3) News or scrap paper. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Or at least 198 dollars. Our bed is high, and these are the perfect height. 99 (39) New. SKURAR Hanging planter, off-white indoor/outdoor, off-white. I had almost given up when I saw these in the plant area. Decoration Ikea Decoration Plante Diy Home Decor For Apartments Diy Home Decor Projects Decor Ideas Diy Ideas Hacks Ikea Diy Hacks Diy Projects. I’ve been busy with work-work, and no one is paying me to do this shit — yet, anyway. Oh, hi. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Oct 28, 2014 - IKEA HACK: Suction Cup Window Planters: We have tons of awesome floor to ceiling windows at our workshop, and we have had to get creative with how we store things. And no one is going to sponsor you til you realise that bad language just shows ignorance. You’re welcome.If you want to make your own DIY brass hanging planter, here’s what you’ll need: If you’re feeling super not-lazy, sand the outside of the bowl a bit to give it some texture. You could create a herb garden, succulent wall or plants that trail down. They are so cute and will become a focal point of any room. Drill a hole near the top rim of the SOCKER plant pot that is big enough to fit the hook on your Command hooks. Plus, it’s … I’m back with another stupid-easy craft. IKEA HACK: Suction Cup Window Planters: We have tons of awesome floor to ceiling windows at our workshop, and we have had to get creative with how we store things. If you want me to get paid to do this shit, you should probably just go ahead and pin this image. Thanks for the DIY hanging planter idea! Ikea already make loads of great planters, but they are quite basic as you might expect! 13 IKEA Planter Hacks for the Ultimate Outdoor Patio Garden. 99 (2) More options. 13 IKEA Planter Hacks for the Ultimate Outdoor Patio Garden. Because sharing is caring, bitches. I’ve even seen them at Walmart. 4) Masking tape or painters tape Follow the steps below to update your IKEA Planter pots. Move over Ikea hacks, today a Target hack is coming through! We even have self-watering ones (for vacation days) and some with handles, too (for easier moving and watering). Learn more. A great way to improve the look of your Ikea planters is to add a bit of embellishment, such as in this hack from Serenity Element. For this Hack you will need. And even though I know it’s evil, there’s a store that rhymes with “stobby shobby” right next to my IKEA and I figured they might have brass spray paint, and I was over in that part of town anyway, and God dammit, I was right. Plant pot 4 ¼ "$ 1. (I should probably take this opportunity to let you know that the particular brass spray paint I used was not the easiest thing in the world to deal with. and many other stores that sell craft supplies. You could switch things up a bit with some stripes, spots or whatever takes your fancy. Transform Ikea Frosta Stool into Plant Shelves. We actually think we like the IKEA Tradig fruit bowl betteras a planter. With a few power tools and a whole lot … This hack from Hunker uses Ikea bed slats to hang pots from for the plants. I liked it so much and it was so damn easy, I made another one for my bathroom using the smaller Blanda Blank bowl. Except don’t really come in. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Plants add visual interest to a space, and they clean the air too. Thanks for the great tutorial! Regarding instance, a few planters can easily provide a focal level for the entry way to be … I wanted to buy one for my own house, but at $198 a pop, let’s just say, um, hell no. And I needed a metal bowl, not a bullshit dollar-store plastic one. Hanging shower caddy step by step instructions. Easy Tutorials for all skill levels. This hack from Hunker uses an Ikea stool, with a hole cut out of the seat, as a plant stand to great effect. Like what you see? Time to check your own eco-friendly thumb, and make use of some planters to spice things up. Especially good over stuff with an iffy texture (like rust you don’t want to scrape off). I used this tutorial, and I guess it’s macrame? 1. I’ve been contemplating on creating a macrame planter, but I was really nervous! 2. 12 Ikea Knagglig Crate Hacks that Show It’s Amazing Versatility, 11 Ikea Planter Hacks that will Make You and Your Plants Happy, 17 Ikea Lack Table Hacks That Are So Cheap, 25 Ikea Rast Hacks that Turn Basic into Beautiful, 13 Summer Ikea Hacks for your Outdoor Party, Designer v Ikea: Get This Modern Relaxed Bedroom Look on a Budget. I love good whiskey, bad words, red lipstick, and black paint. – Thrift store leather belts in varying colors (mine were 50 cents a piece) Instructions: – Put the plant in the Asker container. Article from I love a good DIY as much as the next SUV-driving white mom in my... Confession: I love Jell-O shots. Painted Ceramic Planter. Mar 8, 2016 - Try these genius IKEA planter hacks to make your garden and patio super adorable. So many creative ways to make planters that are totally stylish yet quick and easy to make and as a bonus… Budget Friendly! Ikea Hanging Planter. Plant pot 4 ¼ "$ 2. 99 (15) DAIDAI. DIY Planter Stands. So when I saw the Fryken baskets at IKEA, I knew I had to turn them into a hanging planter set. Hemma hanging lamp base. DIY Plant Shelf. But, really… what the hell else, My extended family decided to skip adult gifts thi, Look, Ma: I left the house! Easy Does It. So this IKEA hack from ‘ Brady Bunch Remodel ‘ isn’t exactly a hack, because they start out using an Ikea planter from the Kardemumma series… The difference is, they took two of the pots and turned one of them upside down and made them into a Mid Century Modern planter knock off! If you’re looking for a ridiculously easy, super-impressive DIY, this is it. The steps are here. (via Paper and […] 21 DIY Hanging Planters YOU Can Make | Make and Takes […] 54. 1.7k. Required fields are marked *. by Ashley Poskin. 99 (15) Showing 24 of 68. I figure it will help a bit with drainage, but that might also be all in my head (this planter doesn’t have any drainage feature, so I’m just going to try to avoid overwatering my plant). This would be more suited to succulents that won’t grow too quickly, or cascading plants such as string of pearls. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The only thing more fun than assembling an IKEA wa, Oh, yes we did. So I started thinking about how I could make one. 2. Separate the wooden legs of a FROSTA stool, and each one can act as a holder for hanging plants. #ikeahacks #DIY #walldecor Hey friends! This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Hanging Planter Hack: This $5 hanging planter hack is easy on your budget and time. CASHEWÄPPLE. Have a fabulous fucking day! Plant pot 9 ½ "$ 24. 1| Design your planter: determine how you want the final product to look. Hanging planter 6 "$ 4. This wall hanging basket hack from Hunker creates stunning pockets of greenery relatively easily. PEKANNÖT. I purchased them at Michaels but you can also buy these paints from Amazon. All you need is some masking tape run around the planter at half height and then some gold spray paint. The Ikea FINNVARD trestle gives the perfect solution for a ready-made set of legs for your planter. Follow me on Instagram! That would be awkward. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Anyway, this is The Boozy Bungalow — drinks and home decor from my 1916 Arts-and-Crafts Bungalow in Kansas City, MO. Their planters do just that, but we’re going to show you how to make them a little more unique and beautiful. When you're adding plants to your home, give them a home of their own in plant pots. Back to top Share. Such a simple way of creating a unique planter from Hunker. J/K; my mom has never, Virtual Happy Hour: Sparkles + Sequins on April 16, Upstairs Renovation Reveal Part 1: Refinishing The Floors for Teddy’s Big-Boy Room, Plant (preferably one that will cascade as it grows). Plants of all kinds are becoming more and more popular in Home Decor with every passing minute… so I thought it was time for a Collection of IKEA Hack Planters Your Plants Will Jump Into! Getting a kick out of your website. TL:DR: I burned through time and money and brain cells so you don’t have to. There are a few different sizes of bamboo box that Ikea make that are perfect for turning into raised planters. Join me for cocktails and Valentine's Day card-making at Boulevard Brewing Company. IKEA ANDVANDBAR Hanging Plant Holder Hack. As soon as saw the FASCINERA cutting board I knew I had struck IKEA gold. I’m a huge fan of Rustoleum’s “hammered” spray paints. Buy as many SOCKER plant pots as you wish to use. I decided to use acrylic paint and wood stain to add color to each of the wood beads. ... and the TOPPIG lantern presented itself as a possible hanging planter, I knew it was a hack I was willing to try because I could do it quickly and with minimal supplies. Your email address will not be published. 1. If you don’t have surface area to spare in your small apartment, use sturdy string to hang up IKEA’s woven seagrass baskets. An Easy Hack to Turn this Inexpensive IKEA Lantern Into a Hanging Planter. Part of the problem was the cheap-ass plastic bowl. PAPAJA. Hopefully, though, these hacks give you enough inspiration to create something right now! Your email address will not be published. Actually, I turn down sponsorship opportunities almost daily, but thanks! But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Ikea size light bulbs (they come in a two pack) 4. 2. Our variety of indoor plant pots ensures you’ll please your plants and suit your style. Things are getting anchored to … So, in less than an hour, I spray painted a bowl, let it dry, tied some fucking rope around it, and tried to forget about all the time and money I wasted getting to this point. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I love this IKEA hack over at Grillo Designs. The other issue was that I couldn’t find an actual brass-colored spray paint at any of the four hardware stores I visited. Ikea Hanging Planter. 1. Brass hanging planters have been on my mind for a while, ever since my new pal Bev had me over for drinks (her plant game is on point). There are many ways you could go about doing just thins with a while range of different products. Gardening Supplies. In line lamp switch (I got this from the hardware store) 5. Explore. a chic farmhouse Lack table hack with light-colored wood and a planter right in the center a bright IKEA Lack table music LED visualiser is a nice way to spruce up your parties a black Lack table clad with light-colored wood is a modern and rustic idea to rock 1) Planter pots (Unfortunately, does not have the large planter in stock) 2) Spray paint (I used this one). Fruit Bowl Planter. (Related: Anyone want to pay me to do this shit? I love plants and I’ve always wondered how to have indoor plants without it cramming my small place. Lawn And Garden. In fact, I had a shape — actually a very specific bowl — in mind. There are many ways to add legs to planters to raise them up, as you’ve already seen in other hacks. (Speaking of, how many plants is too many plants to have in a small bathroom? No mess-ups, perfect on the first try, and close enough to brass that if I make another one, I’ll definitely use this paint. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The best thing about this hanging GEMAK Colander hack? The … It’s quite indulgent to use an entire stool as a plant stand for a small pot, but these stools are pretty cheap. For this hack fro Hunker all you need are some dowels or table legs to add to the bottom. – Feed the belt through the hole. Decorate your home with plants combined with a plant pot to suit your style. When the paint is dry, tie some fucking rope around it to create the hanger. The top is big enough for a couple necessities without compromising the minimalist look. These cookies do not store any personal information. – Hang the planter in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or study. I'm a plant lover through and through. Tools: drill with self-pilot bit, hammer, center punch, wire cutters, another drill with countersink bit, and swaging tool. Do you ever wonder how to hang plants on the wall? 99 (30) More options. Use some washi tape to add a trim if you like! That never crossed my mind. For this one, I used the Krylon Short Cuts in Gold Leaf (also from the evil store, but I’m sure you can find it elsewhere) and and it was worlds easier to use. A very quick way to upgrade Ikea planters is to use spray paint, such as in this hack from Loving the Little Things. It was my first-ever macrame-ish project and it took less than 10 minutes and it was SO easy. Materials: Skurar hanging planter, Hemma cord Description: I found this beautiful, doily pattern hanging planter at Ikea a few days ago. You may have just convinced me! From all the amazing products in your Ikea store, you’re going to search those most that are used in these 21 DIY Ikea Garden Hacks. Where Ikea really excels is in creating simple, cost effective products for every situation at home. IKEA plant hacks you need to try now! . Below are the colors that I used. And I give a suggestion for a fairly comparable gold paint down below.) Say hello to your soon-to-be lush, green oasis. I had a few mess-ups that I sanded out, but honestly, they just kind of gave the whole thing a nice aged look. – Put a nail in the wall. updated Apr 30, 2019. Say hello to … To make it up to you, I’d like to think I’m back in a big way with this amazing, easy, DIY brass hanging planter-slash-best IKEA hack ever. Drill-guide jig is cut out (using radial saw) for lip of bowl and held in place with clamps. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These Ikea planter hacks aim to remedy that with a little customisation and style! Hanging planter $ 12. You could also paint or stain the wood to make the whole thing look a little more sophisticated. Underneath is a piece of cardboard marked with the locations of the 4 holes. Ikea has a variety of good sized plants. Who says you can’t have a hanging basket indoors? They have simply attached two different styles of fruit bowl together. Garden Planters .. Well, I didn’t think so much as I just started spray painting and drilling into shit and made multiple trips to Dollar General and the hardware store and got super high on spray-paint fumes more than once even though I know I shouldn’t spray paint indoors — only to make something that looked like total trash. It was just too pretty, to put only flowers in it, I wanted to use it in a different way: as a lamp, in my kitchen! Use the plant pot hanger to save floor space and create inspiring vertical horticulture. DIY hanging planter hack […] You just need the right basket to add a little style to it. We bring together the best Ikea Hacks on the internet so that you can find the perfect Ikea Hack to fit your needs (or just enjoy browsing!). I put it all together, hung it in my dining room and decided it looked like a million fucking dollars. And for that, I’m sorry. Spray it with brass or gold spray paint and let it dry. 3. We love the simplicity of this raised crate planter from Wohnklamotte that uses KNAGGLIG crates raised up on dowels. IKEA Hack: Clever Hanging Planter Basket Set. Anyway, let’s just say it is. I thought it would be perfect for a DIY hanging … I like it! Now taking sponsors!). But changing the white plates out for the Acacia wood plates adds a… A really simple hack that gives you a really stylish planter. The IKEA website uses cookies, which make the site simpler to use. Ikea Hanging Planter Ikea Plants Idee Diy Faux Plants Edible Garden Indoor Garden House Plants Hygge Garden Tools Apply hot glue liberally along the line you just drew. This hack from Apartment Therapy uses the TOPPIG lantern to great effect.

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