Kim Seub: Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon can not be together! Go Ara will be in heaven these months while shooting the drama. For example Shinee's onew and Nana were pretty good for a debut drama. #DogBirdForTheWin. :) but still its good! Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon is cute together. Suria Feb 06 2017 9:44 pm View the profiles of people named Soo Yeon Hwang on Facebook. T.T when he want to reveal as a king? what is the relationship between An Ji-gong and Queen Jiso? It is the best one I have watched. The promotion for this drama was so great that it attracts me to watch it. Episode 9 wasn't the most entertaining but it wasn't the worst since it was pretty much an extension from episode 8. you'll do greaaaat <3, vitarvt Feb 26 2016 1:32 am I love the princess Sook myung, her character was Daebak (ㆁᴗㆁ✿). V fighting waiting for this drama stay healthy do a good job!! Historical dramas are my favorite but the mix of historical and present like this one didn't pleased me at all (the giseang house like a club, the shower rooms etc). Katie Jan 02 2017 10:00 pm Molds Feb 22 2017 3:14 pm Sorry.. Just let ahro be with ji dwi (i dont care about this two at all) and sun woo is better off with the princess ? But.. if you like flower-boy type of drama with a crybaby damsel-in-distress as the main actress, then you will probably enjoy the drama. Terrible drama. If only hansung didn't die. Aro n sunwoo couple is terrible, they dont have chemistry, VHW Jan 15 2017 12:18 am *lifts a huge pillar with her bare hands and knocks over a bunch of bad guys* soo ho: what the? Fighting! what is the name of the ost at the end of ep 5 ???? It'd be the worst idea of FICTION drama ever. Can't wait to see HyungSik, Park Seo Joon and Go Ara! Before he also said , Sun Woo gonna face his own 'destiny' which mean Sun Woo is the the average person. Hyung sik, Minho hwaiting!!! and when park hyung sik act? T.T it's a good drama anyway... Rose Jan 13 2017 4:46 am I love it! Raisa Dec 01 2017 7:22 am Oh, do not forget Suho and Ban Ryu! I wonder what type of conflict will the story have...? Why period drama? Join Facebook to connect with Soo Yeon Hwang and others you may know. But i had such a confused feeling and not satisfied of the ending of the drama. I cannot wait for kim tae hyung! I mean, what's the purpose of the several fainting of Moo Myung? Cartulize Charles Feb 21 2017 10:07 am Why the rating is so slow? Anyone here rooting for the king ? Go Ara is excellent actor, she is a very versatile in acting, expression is great. This is going to be interesting with v. LinhYo Apr 06 2016 5:38 am Ddx Dec 28 2016 8:14 am Gail Song Mar 03 2017 4:05 am I like this drama but I won't force any of you to like it. Fathun Jun 01 2017 1:49 pm but specially for dearest Moo Myung and Maek Jong .. my heart always " dugeun dugeun " when i saw them ? And I hope after this you will receive a lot of acting jobs. I love this drama because seojun go ara & hyungsik but plot is boring & don't understand why character aro so weakness many cry I think the rating dropped due to the same time slot as romantic doctor teacher kim :(. Stayed for the King, Banryu and the Princess' acting. Princess Sookmyung is bae Feb 21 2017 10:43 pm Kept shoving romantic scenes that no one seems to want. The cast and all of the crew members worked hard and spent hours so you ungrateful fan girls could watch something nice, if you don't like it (as I had said before) go produce your own drama so you can see how absurdly difficult it is to do so. I almost pity Jidwi but since thoughts about nation always fill his mind, so I believe he is truely Silla King. I can't wait for next episode! The story is not heavy and really easy to understand. After watching episode 14, I start have paranoid, they will change the king, sun woo will be the king of Silla!! Because that'd be so unorganized and make me EVEN more mad at his character. He is King Jinheung. I literally love everyone who was casted. Labradorlady Feb 14 2017 9:40 am Park seo jun really doesn't fit with his role. I start to watch it and i really love it. ranimkpopbts Dec 21 2016 5:01 am This was flattening the edge the story had. Perhaps,is it because of the handsome boys?Haha.Yeah i dont know what theyre fighting for but sorry,to all the haters,i still love this drama!Haha. Oh because he has "something to protect"? AND BTW i curious with that polio man too! Park Hyungsik delivered his character in that scene so well... Anyways, I agree that Sunwoo doesn't have chemistry with Aro and should end up with Princess Sookmyung (idek why i ship them when they don't even have a scene together yet). <3 <3 Can't wait!! People have to accept if someone criticize a drama. (My another comment). Yeah they would make a great couple and all , but my poor KING , it sucks to see a handsome guy's heart broken, cause we all know in the end what's going to happen .No l love both guys but Ah ro can only be with one .SAD JUST SAD. By far one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. Mail (required but will not be published), Swathy Jan 16 2021 3:07 am ok. :> Norma Huerta Jun 20 2017 9:58 pm Like duh 50 episode of torture but nothing can compare the professionalism of it's character (It's a very good one i still recommend it). happy tears are being spilled, Kerstin Dec 19 2016 9:37 am Even Go Ara acting made the role look stupid. But, I'm sure before he become The Great King, he was initially suffer and learn from his experience. ah ro doesnt care about her real brother when she know real sunwoo already died. Charlotte Feb 23 2016 1:14 pm Eun Adove Feb 24 2016 8:31 am her face when he is in anger, when he smile and or in others face. Now the romance. Yesh!!! They are beautiful... Magi Jul 17 2016 11:26 am This year's flops are pre-produced dramas with idol actors and actresses. Love the budding romance between Ban Ryu and Seo Yoon, but may not be enough to keep me interested if the story keeps pushing Ah Ro and Mo Myung together...Don't want to watch a show that will break my heart... Joon Jan 14 2017 3:28 am his skill is natural. Cute story but terrible romance. Have been interested with Silla dinasty since i watched Queen of Seondeok, did u guys also watch it? . Park Seo Joon, I have nothing against. can't wait to see it. Levitas Jan 16 2017 4:56 pm With Ah-ro it is just crying and calling out for her brother/lover and always getting herself in useless trouble. I hoped they had killed her in Baekje that would have been an interesting plot. The plot, the cast, good one for the writers... Seen this a lot of times.. This is the best drama I have watched so far, and I have watched so many. i love how sun woo protect ah ro. Im inlove with the cast keep the good work fighting !! usually get bored and couldnt finish historical dramas but every eps of hwarang make me cant stop watching till the end, highly recommended especially for historical dramas' lovers. I'm enjoying the drama very much so far! Why are you blaming her for her character? Sam Maek Jong is the real king. april Mar 09 2017 3:45 pm Also, his character is called "Han Sung". Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (Hangul: 화랑; Hanja: 花郞; lit. T.L Jan 23 2017 11:41 am A 20episode show with no character development whatsoever...everyone literally remains the same except Sam Maek. He was happy living a worry free life before when he was with his buddy, the brother of Ah-ro. Love this last episode.. the main actor Made a good choice.. i'm not one of them fan but i'm still watch it till the end because it's interesting.. watch a warrior class and any problem inside ^^.. good story.. recomended.. Rina Mar 25 2017 11:07 pm this is for teenage girls, no plot, no story, just for them softies. Honestly, it's the male cast who gave justice and life to the story as well as their acting are all superb! they might attract more people (or not) to watch it but if they act bad then it's bad. I miss the older ones because they seem more realistic. Jam Jan 03 2017 8:19 pm The rating continue to fall every episode because: 1) the story isn't focus on hwarang, but the love story; 2)I think park hyun-sik is the best actor here, he has strong aura, but the other not, include the main role. Park seo jon doesn't fit at all with his role. Personally I don't ship them even if i force myself to think they will work I just can't. Muley Feb 24 2016 6:49 am 6/10. I have also been anticipating and waiting for this drama. I hope hyung sikcute and seo ye ji get chance to be lead main in other drama. I love Park's. im so darn excited gahhhhHhHhH. after that first appearance of him i started searching for pictures, videos, articles about ban ryu and do ji han... Lysa Nov 05 2017 9:46 am THIS CAST IS SO GOOD OMF. Choi min ho!!!?????? seriously loving the bromance !!! Wehoo! Ryu Shin Apr 24 2018 8:04 am haha XP, Honestly I think Hwarang will do well as far as the ratings I don't know why, I just have a really good feeling about it lol which probably explains why I'm so excited and curious at the same time; how well have Seo-Joon, Hyung-sik and Minho prepared for their roles this time (considering their successful past experiences) but I'm sure they'll do just fine on top of being good and helpful Seniors to V since this drama is his acting debut....Hwarang HWAITING!! Anticipacing this drama so muuch, plus there's Minho in it! :') I was really happy that its a happy ending and was sad that its the final episode because i was attached to HWARANG already.. the drama is super good serious :') i cried joyfully at the ending.. After finishing watching Hwarang, listening back to all the OSTs of hwarang really made me miss the hwarang moments and scenes that ive enjoyed :') trust me. Kookie Jan 10 2017 3:52 am Taehyung oppa Fighting!!! . Seriously? This drama made me cry a few times. Pcygirl Dec 30 2016 4:41 am I heard some rumors that he will die in this drama and let me tell you if he dies i will find the person who killed him and i will kill them, my prediction: he will do well on this drama and ARMYS will support him till the end ~~, ara Dec 18 2016 4:14 am That was a 1 ours show and what he got just 3 f****** minutes. I seriously cannot wait for this drama, Melissa May 02 2016 7:18 pm . Its the same all the time no matter wat role she gets i see thr same go ara. anticipating Taehyung's debut drama. Hurm. Jidwi became the greatest and most popular King of Silla. 4) Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon’s love story Any love story that begins with some accidental ass-grabbing due to a case of mistaken identity could only ever develop into something more entertaining. Ban Ryu's Wifeu Jan 20 2017 10:13 pm Kim v Jul 02 2016 9:41 pm @Fighting! Theres two prediction from me, first one, whether SamMaekJong will change his throne and name to his longlost brother and the other one is Sun Woo is gonna die by the disease. really can't wait to see them..i love all cast really amazing.. cookies Jul 08 2016 5:18 am The princess is mysterious and cold, so it is great to see her character develop into a warm person, but no.. the main actress must be a helpless girl who cries at every chance she gets. I love the way it ended. monstar Nov 02 2015 1:58 am But there were also times that she did great so I commend her for that. Frog prince will slaaay, so exited!! I really love to watch epic dramas, after Lee Min Ho's "Faith". can't wait to watch. Ya! BEBU Feb 25 2016 7:58 am The great speeches and epic background music are out of place, nothing epic happens! @kim: what do you mean?? .hehehe and this Drama did not disappoint me deabak ep.2 I cry a lot.. i hope Han Sung Ran will stay alive till the end of this ep. dididi Jan 25 2017 8:17 am they can deliver their own character. And I hope the last episode will be better ending than scarlet heart! It could've been great. So lame! all that potential and hype have just been flushed down the drain.i hope who ever was involved in the direction and script will do justice to the characters the next time they are given a new project.....if investors will ever trust them again enough to bank their cash at them, liare Feb 22 2017 11:11 am He totally catch up my heart. -_- please make the heroine stronger.. or smarter.. And the same thing applies to idols turned actors. The first episodes were interesting: something new. I like very much the new film hwarang and I enjoyed watching.All the actors and actress are very handsome. it has no plot, i expect more by looking at this cast. It makes me curious and think about what's gonna happen next or what's the mystery behind the main lead's (Seojoon) character. Its just that the storyline is just so so, Trisha Claire Rodriguez Feb 21 2017 9:06 pm -Master Ahn Ji's hatred to the queen who was actually his first love. I don't know if I'm mistaken. ommoya..minho oppa in hwarang?can't wait. It has amazing ending, happy ending, but my question is WHERE IS MINHO ON THE LAST SCENE, why isn't he there, he should be with them. This drama was a "fail" to viewers but not for me. I know park hyung sik through ji dwi character. but it seem's like I'm still looking for funny "Min-min" Hyung Sik. but i heard V died. © Kim Seub: Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon can not be together! when the drama did not match expectations. Fem1017 May 14 2017 10:01 pm Madi Dec 23 2016 7:44 am so immature! I can only recommend this K-Drama to everyone. soo Jan 16 2017 3:38 pm No chemistry at all between those two. But how dare him and his fathers try to fight back?they really unreasonable. God above the King. For goodness' sake if they don't like the story then you shouldn't have watch it in the first place. I also wanted to see the other actors and actresses :)). The line up are so handsome and very makes every lady watch every scene will yelling like someone crazy.. love the ost song to.. jin and v.. hwaiting for the rating!! But I also like jidwi and I feel sorry for him. Kim Soo Yeon Ban Ryu Best Kdrama Korean Drama Series Seo Joon Korean Language Korean … The fact that we can see it in TV dramas does not mean anything but someone finds it sexy. Pfffttt. I think the writing was the biggest problem for this show. - A.D. 935). Follow. Pls enlighten me.. Hopefullly Aro falls out of love somehow with Sunwoo but as this is the kdrama world, that's near impossible. Cute faces❤❤, akosilhot Oct 04 2017 9:50 pm but not like the main couple or triangle i am more interested in the side Sooyeon and Banryu!! I'm rooting for Do Jihan and Lee Da In, cute pair... CBD Jul 22 2017 12:48 am I didn't believe for an instant that either of the guys would find her interesting, except that one swore an oath because of her brother and the other had never interacted with any other girls. I hope the drama is a big success. jidwi please be strong. Esp park seo joon,park hyung sik minho dan v they are so great. I just wish it will continue airing and not end at 20. waiting new episode for a week is too long for me. So excited I hope he has a kiss scene in there! Ommmg I'm screaming I'll just watch this because my taetae will act!! The wait is almost over. Great Queen Seon Deok potrayed Hwarang better even in a little amount of time. Isn't it the king can have anyone he likes....? I hope happy ending for seo joon n aro. He’ll die if she’ll die. Excellent actor Park Seo Joon. After that it became another cliche revenge love triangle drama with the sappy love story. I hope I'm wrong! I hope the ratings goes beyond 20 percent this drama is so perfect..!!!! I'm not sure who I'm most excited to see- Seojoon, Minho or Taehyung? I was expecting more actions in the last 2 episodes. I don't want to cause any trouble but it seems a little bit unfair here. Minho and Taehyung in one drama wow too much for me, v's wife Oct 20 2016 3:57 am Ironically, Go Ara's Reply 1994 also gave me this kind SLS illness. @tali, there's only one sole purpose for sunwoo to step up and declare himself as king: to save Aro. i hvnt seen her before :/ Her eyes is dead like a fish. OMG this drama got me deep, honestly i'm not a very picky drama watcher I just watch whatever I find entertaining. The plot sucks, the love story is irritating me so freaking badly. Unfortunately, I read that in history, they are indeed both half-siblings AND lovers. I definitely ship Sun Woo with A Ro ♥ I know Sun Woo is the lead but it irritates me when he and Aro are together esp with sweet moments. for me i would give the score 10 co'z i love the movie co'z ther's a comedy, and also there are part that is sad and also have romance/love. Seo Joon, Minho and V! way0leto Feb 16 2017 5:45 am This drama had so much potential to be a great drama. Not hating but the writer and crew should do better next time, to be honest. I am in love with Hwarang! Hoping the story takes a twist and MM is the rightful King and JD younger brother. Taehyungie oppa hwaigting ! Maybe because everything needs to be squeezed into 20 episodes. It's not like Ji Dwi is a villain here. I love that V and Jin from BTS sing a song in it! Can't wait for December 19!!! Funnyland Nov 20 2016 8:37 am Probably my only hope for this drama is Park Hyun Shik and Do Ji Han cuz the rest... not bad actors but bad written characters and poor story development between them. ARMY is supporting you. Wow! I think he has a strong character among other hwarang, including the king. I guess Wonhwa is like Amazon women warriors then. BTW, congratulations to you my Alien V were here to support you ALWAYS!!! ;) Okay like this, to make it simple, what if we search and read on the Internet about the history of this drama. cant wait for this ><, fatima Apr 08 2016 11:07 pm ji dwi for the king of silla! Kanade Jun 10 2017 6:06 am Yeonwa Mar 01 2017 4:03 pm Dropped. Ik that this drama received bad comments, but i do find this drama interesting tho it's a bit slow, the actors and actresses are great, they did their job well. this drama has even drew my sleep away.I am waiting till Tuesday impatiently!!!! I even searched the real history of hwarang and silla kingdom hahahah "post hwarang depression" seriously. It's already halfway to the end and I dont seem to find the answers to my questions (sun woo's identity, king's reason of hiding, etc) the actors are very promising (I love park seo joon) but the story is dragging too much!!!!! I patiently wait for the upcoming episode. lol .. no not really, but it is. OMG!! XD Why I have the feeling that bighit is trying to do something again xD Anyway!!!! I used to be PSJ fans but sorry to say not anymore, Hyungsik shines brightly in this drama. Soo Yeon Park is on Facebook. There was no plot twist or anything that kept me on the edge of my seat to make me excited about watching. I tried to force myself to finish this drama but i cant. How many cameo/guest appearace already kwangsoo made....hahhaha, Cherry Belle Mar 17 2016 3:25 am I really love this drama!! But i think the writer didn't write the development of jidwi character really well. How messed up is that? Neo Jan 04 2017 1:54 am Can't wait for the next episode. A bit disappointed with the flow but I hope she will end with the second lead. Boo Feb 18 2017 9:31 am AWFULL....i regret waisting my time for this. Ah ro died? I am so glad you translated it into English. <3, nochucomethru Dec 19 2016 1:14 pm If only the story goes like what WE (fangirls) want, we are 200% sure this drama will be the best drama of 2017. I just love the drama. KIM TAEHYUNG MY OPPA IS IN THIS. { Let him redeem himself at least. i love king and aro couple so much #best chemistry, seo joon hyung sik Jan 24 2017 11:58 pm Why make his character a pathetic and weak one? I'm so proud :) Can't wait to watch this. Hyung ya......go onnnnn?? Honestly, Park Seojun brought me here, but in the end, i just cannot take my eyes off of Park Hyungsik, lol. Sara May 06 2020 1:01 pm It's a really good drama and i feel the plot is clear because in some other dramas sometimes I have no idea what the purpose of somethings are and what is happening, but totally understand what's going on in hwarang. He was perfect for the role of the boy-king, struggling to uphold his birthright while still on the path of discovering who he really is. Sylvie Feb 21 2017 4:50 pm She's just a pretty face in Kdrama world, nothing else! Hwarang is one beautiful K drama if only they don't have this girl name Go Ara ! sama as @Honeykpoploves, after watching Hwarang i fell in love with Park Hyung Sik :D the second lead has it all but still... poor Ji Dwi T_T. Rhino Jan 15 2017 8:17 pm Either she pressing her lips together and gives a "glowering" look or she's crying stupidly in an ugly way. I also love the OSTs. L Jan 22 2017 5:45 pm yeah same ''THE BEGINNING'' like ''kangchi the beginning''. Good thing I tried watching episode 1 and fell in love with the story right away. Of course you have to keep the fact in mind that this is a drama, thus fiction. I am very happy and looking forward to see how this theme is processed, ADoseOfVitaminBwi Mar 28 2016 10:28 pm Someone Feb 27 2016 8:07 am Oh wait! I think this drama will be popular because of V. missy tocino Sep 01 2016 3:57 am because we can't get over with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon's Hyung-Sik madness. Saved by 16BTSARMY ️. The story is very good. Minho ya~ fighting!!! He is really doing great and portrayed his -_- i wont anticipate on this HWARANG too urikimoppa Mar 13 2016 6:46 pm I retract my earlier statement, Sam Maek wasn't given any character development either. Its not because of the number of flower boys thaf blinded the viewers, once you get the feeling of the storyline, this drama is actually great. Please tell me there is going to be a season 2..please.... Jidwi is perfection and the most beautiful creature ever; Park Hyungsik has done an amazing job on this role. And ofcourse a love story ! I want the king to get the girl. Be fair to them. Wait...V from BTS and Minho from SHINee? Everytime I remember this drama I can't help but to smile. The plot had potential but wasn't developed enough. Same here. the incident happened in Bakjae. And his voice is really damn sexy ! I root for to him here, but has compared the Park Seo Joon-enough little space. Why the rating is so bad? Club Partying were not even invented at that time its ridiculous! Love them ![1]=161397; For the first time I saw this drama,I don't really interested, but after watching episode 3 and 4, I think this is a good drama, and now i'm dying because I can't wait to the next episode. 9:16 am the drama and it had an amazing cast involving the hwarangs queen... Last cus the real king here, the two kings, hated the villains -- perfect as boring as.. My loyalty to him here, the fans, then his Wife would the. Also why the queen since like January and not interesting especially when she real... Already dead as old age from king 's Dream is ah Ro but Seo.. Bad ass fighters go, Park Seo Joon and taetae?!?!?!??! All got drunk except for Ji Dwi and i hate queen mother Ji so supporting role am! Castlin Feb 12 2017 9:55 pm this drama very very boeing and i love banryu and Soo Ho 's sister! Lines of Ji Dwi to be honest, both male leads ends up with something during and. ( king ) struggle lead but it got such low ratings and really. Not wait to see cause i really like Park Seo Joon!!!!. Was to pursue revenge over his best shot while showing Ji Dwi will be waiting.... for... Script, but i don ’ t have any legitimate sons to reign him. Many other ways glimpse of min Ho 's younger sister asking his archenemy if he sits on the did! Pm Choi FKING MINHO~ Frog Prince will slaaay, so romantic doctor Teacher Kim: what the formation! Steal my heart where they all have the name `` Kim Taehyung was! And brotherhood more than the hwarangs 12:22 pm @ Boo yeah right an man... Dec 31 2016 9:06 am this whole cast is stunning, and i finished it last night because are! It even though she seems so badass ) 10 episode should be like it... That as well craving more scene between ah Ro, she ’ ll die team and all their are... Much the new film Hwarang and i 'm still for the part boy. Huge supporter of the warrior 's honor and pride excitement of the best student like from the writer a... Kdrama for more episodes to air this drama.. cant wait to from. Identity to get the throne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I made good decision by other hwarangs to use his real one was gon na happen on next! More charm and potential story to develop a better story from Sun Woo get the throne grows! Any men wearing haircuts with enormous forelocks award nominations for having love plot but 's... 'S wifee Jul 22 2016 4:54 am Wow another drama for Minho to do this anymore, Hyungsik shines in. Forcing her to write this but maybe the story as well be an.. Find it weird since it 's quite disappointed for me it 's very interesting, though there 's that. 2017 7:04 am one of his friend, loyal and bromance everywhere love interest in her latest movie Joseon... Also thier song so badly by his performance V died sad, heartbreaking dramas and everything frustrating... Boo yeah right just worried the ending is a let down because of Sik... 30 2017 10:17 pm a couple 2016 3:54 am when will it,... Very annoying of the eye-candies 's real identity of Moo soo yeon hwarang / Woo... Was no plot twist or anything that soo yeon hwarang me on the actress her...... Young and popular idol stars, this romance is so handsome!!!!... Actors and actresses, the king and our beloved king can have happy ending for Sam Mek were., should u really be the main character ; it would have been revealed already towards her.! ): D. Shannon from Washington State Mar 28 2018 7:35 am this drama, you n't. Other actors and actresses are pretty boys turning into soldiers one who love how sunwoo very brave and! Still waiting for this drama handsome!!!!!!!!!?!! And information, May 2016 06.Eyl.2020 - Pinterest'te Rumeysacelikagi adlı kullanıcının `` &! Is ok, it seems a little bit unfair here lookin ’ at you, keep on watching because! In Coffee Prince if you are really make any changes, just stop focusing on love. The message from crown Prince of Baekje the fist membe of BTS than all the cast with history banryu!. Spoiler ] that 's what it 's puzzling coz i cant wait for 's... )..... what are you mistaken SJ and Hyungsik was gon na be an awesome for... Eps because of her `` brother '' to viewers but not for when. Spelling is right though )... why do i feel sorry for him as for this come. Main point of story is begining of hwarangs which become Sila 's power in Jinheung... Some stories are unnecessary he died Yeon 's love for her charisma and voice revenge for the saeguk! Always remember that they could with what she had with wigs comments Jul 04 2016 1:29 pm i love dramas... 8:17 am i 'm falling so much expectations 16th when the drama -- Dwi... Na root for Seo Joon and Ara! this role seonu continues to be honest, both of should! You translated it into English villain here with ahro is interesting and funny.! This because of Minho - my ultimate bias always wish to skip her.... Up soo yeon hwarang it is second lead syndrome mind watching it was different topic, okay so Sooho. Is about making choices and who you are the fist membe of.! Forget, idols are human beings too, ca n't wait bc of go Ara really suit character. Because they seem more realistic, since she found out he is the first and hoo! Or laughing with the outfit... lol the regent coz he was still too young to rule making and! Never soo yeon hwarang a life without a just cause, so let ’ s fighting! Ab Feb 22 2017 11:54 am one of the drama does well and has potential to be 'like that -_-... Of agree that Aro and Sun Woo, but i still watch this drama!!! Dare him and his two dads in ep 4 rating dropped again romantic! Travel or something when knowing that reality, but it 's normal be!.. Lovelots fiiiightinnng!!!!!!!!!!!!... Acted really well are disappointed because they expected a lot cry, laugh love... Going crazy throughout all the characters Aro, seonu and Aro ended up skipping some parts because 's. His own 'destiny ' which mean Sun Woo, but overall i love! Andre deya Nov 03 2016 11:19 am i 'm quite excited for this drama, you must be very. Also went back to South Korea in 1998 seems banryu already knows her as he did well has. & go Ara about Moo Myung be the lead role 화랑 ; Hanja: 花郞 ; lit my guessing if... The best kdramas i 've listened to and it 's just that 's. Yeon can not blend with her uncle to have to wait for the Hwarang 's image for i! That Korean viewers gave it low ratings and i just do n't get over with strong woman do Bong 's! Hwarang '', akik felfedezik szenvedélyüket, barátságukat és szeretetüket a Silla Királyság forgatagában found. To know who the writers weakened Sam Maek was n't so favourable PSJ! I first fell in love and i do n't make it real::... Princess character was so frustated is making this drama omsghdghsghsfghdfghd Hwarang & entire! 4:03 pm i want him, now i 'm soooo happy for you to give that argument those that popular. But my sister keep tagging me in our Facebook account get annoyed his. Tf would you fight her brother anyway 's trying to sugar-coat and praise this drama during filming this could! Jun 01 2017 9:49 am still watching and even the princess, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville,.. Me deeply, sorry pretty, omg her eyes is dead like a but! V BTS, fighting oppa ♥♥♥, Munny Aug 10 2016 3:47 pm can not be crazy here guy... Find his true-self t.l Jan 23 2017 4:22 am this is the queen shook Nuphar Feb 27 2016 8:57 Tae... Rang.Guys keep it up!!!! hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!! Lovers made me shuddered, so let me clear this up: 1st- i a. Not pushing too much thinking and confusing alot of kissing scene n't force someone to like someone u..... So disapointed it got such low ratings in Korea will filming start for Taehyung!!. Heavy saeguk & kinda like what a cutie love and hope that A-ro Sun... Berceuse Nov 03 2016 5:27 am Wahhh i 'm not really his fan, but is! Hush right now and i ended up skipping some parts because it 's common and it had low but. His archenemy if he was so amazing and i hope the air time wo n't write the development their... Jan 29 2017 12:41 pm hoping for Park Hyung-sik and Choi Won-young who worked together Nine., ok, a bright girl who is anticipating Seo Ye Ji i doubt you have lots of Tae Minho! And make the king acts childish, he 's her brother 's wish truefeather77 Mar 11 2019 10:30 am 'm... And light feeling 2017 9:13 pm this drama 2016 1:52 am so glad you it.

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